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A communications network that knows no limits

With RUGGEDCOM, the name speaks for itself. RUGGEDCOM products set new standards for quality and reliability for communication networks deployed in harsh environments. Covering an extremely wide temperature range, they offer zero-packet-loss technology under high electromagnetic interference and enhanced Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (eRSTP™) for ultra-high-speed network fault recovery. RUGGEDCOM products perform reliably in virtually all types of mission-critical networks – in substation automation, self-healing power grids and “smart grid” systems, in intelligent transportation systems for traffic management and railway control systems, as well as in process control and manufacturing automation systems used across multiple industrial sectors.

As your partner, we understand your requirements for fast, reliable, and secure standardized communication. We are one of the world’s most tightly meshed service and support providers always with an eye on your needs. Innovation and our passion for communication will help you to be competitive now and in the future! Regardless of the communication medium, protocol, or distance, Siemens provides the basis for a flexible yet comprehensive network infrastructure solution – in all climates and environments.


Discover the extensive RUGGEDCOM product range of network components.

Technology Highlights

Learn what high-quality industrial standards RUGGEDCOM products fulfill.

Intrusion Detection Systems

Add a layer of early warning detection capability designed specifically to protect OT networks.

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Key Industries
  • Defense

    How does rugged communication play a part in our national security?

    Defense Communication
  • Electric Power

    How does rugged communication for mission-critical applications contribute to the reliable and economical flow of power – and that in a changing power landscape?

    Electric Power Communication
  • Oil and Gas

    Communication systems rugged enough to offer optimal support over the whole value-added chain, including onshore and off-shore platforms.

    Oil and Gas Communication
  • Transportation

    Modernize, energize and improve your transportation network with a large portfolio of networking solutions designed for road and rail.

    Transportation Communication
  • Water/ Wastewater

    Upgrade and expand applications critical to our nation’s water delivery system with rugged communication solutions.

    Water/ Wastewater Communication
  • AeroMACS (Aeronautical Mobile Airport Communications System)

    AeroMACS data link technology supports airport surface communications. This wireless technology will be used for airport ground applications as well as for safety and traffic control.

    AeroMACS Communication