In Oil and Gas Operations

How does rugged communication offer the optimal support over the whole value-added chain, including onshore and off-shore platforms?

Siemens safeguards the smooth flow of your data. We are one of the very few manufacturers to offer a comprehensive portfolio of e.g. upstream, midstream, and downstream components for the oil and gas industry and network solutions based on standards like IEEE 1613 or IEC 61850.

Our products can therefore fulfill the full range of high safety and availability requirements such as the oil and gas industry – today and tomorrow. After all, the more rugged and the more remote the terrain becomes, the more these requirements for high speed communications in mission critical operations start growing.

Whether wired or wireless, secure, reliable, and high availability data communication offered by Siemens provides the basis for flexible and efficient production.  And this in all climatic zones, in explosive areas, and over long distances, e.g. alongside pipelines.

Rugged communication can be that flexible.

White Paper: WiMAX, WLAN and Cellular Networks

Article: New early-warning cybersecurity system

How rugged wireless technology can reduce costs in oil and gas production to improve asset utilization and operator profitability.

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As the potential for cyber attacks against the energy sector grows, a revolutionary early-warning system designed to protect the industrial control systems of the oil and gas industry has emerged to complement highly recommended defense-in-depth strategies.

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Industrial Communications for Oil and Gas

Find out more about reliable communications for one of the most demanding industries worldwide.