RUGGEDCOM WIN 5.1 GHz solution for aviation

AeroMACS (Aeronautical Mobile Airport Communications System) is a new data link technology intended to support airport surface communications. This wireless technology will be used for airport ground applications as well as for safety and traffic control.

The AeroMACS technology is based on IEEE802.16e which is also the WiMAX standard. The RUGGEDCOM WIN family supports IEEE802.16e with set of frequencies starting at 1.4 GHz, covering specific frequency bands all the way to 5.8 GHz. Using the 5091–5150 MHz band, allocated by the ITU at the World Radio Communication Conference 2007 (WRC-07), the RUGGEDCOM WIN products are able to offer AeroMACS services to airports around the world.

AeroMACS is one of the three core technologies of the Future Communication Infrastructure (FCI) framework, which combines the vision of the FAA’s Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen) in the US, and Europe’s Single European Sky ATM Research (SESAR). The other technologies are satellite for communication with airplanes over the ocean and LDACS for terrestrial air/ground system, used to communicate with airplanes over ground and high in the air.

The WiMAX technology was selected for its unique Quality of Service (QoS) characteristics and its communication performance advantages.  The high throughput, modern authentication and encryption, low delay, uplink basing and mobility (hand-over) capabilities are a few of the important characteristics of WiMAX.