SINEMA Remote Connect

Easy remote access for teleservice or remote maintenance


The new management platform for remote networks, SINEMA Remote Connect is a server application.  SINEMA Remote Connect provides users access to remote plants or machines for convenient and secure maintenance.  Even if the machines are integrated into third-party networks.  For example, in the plants of end customers of machine manufacturers.

How does it work? - Take a look!


SINEMA Remote Connect ensures secure management of tunnel connections (VPN) between headquarters, service technicians and the installed machines or plants.  The communication between participants in such a scenario is independent of the protocol and IP-based.  There is no need for direct access to the company network in which the plant or machine is integrated.  The service technician and the machine to be serviced establish separate connections to SINEMA Remote Connect.  There, the identity of the participants is determined by exchanging certificates.  Only then is remote access to the machine granted.

The connection to SINEMA Remote Connect can be established with a variety of media, such as wireless communication, DSL or existing, private network structures.  Siemens offers a comprehensive portfolio of industrial routers from the SCALANCE series for connection to remote networks.  These can be easily configured for the connection to SINEMA Remote Connect with auto configuration.

An address book function is available with the installation of the SINEMA Remote Connect client.  It can be used to easily identify and select all machines and plants for management with SINEMA Remote Connect.  This is a decisive advantage in serial machine manufacturing with the same machines and IP addresses.


  • Central administration of all VPN connections

  • Simple management of different users

  • Telephone book function with SINEMA RC Client for fast and easy connection to SINEMA Remote Connect

  • Encrypted connections using OpenVPN with just a mouse click

  • Protocol-independent, IP-based communication

  • Easy integration of Siemens industrial routers with auto configuration

  • Special IT knowledge regarding remote access is not necessary

  • Easy selection and connection to identical serial machines for original equipment manufacturers (OEM)

  • Wide range of remote networks applications, from remote service to remote control