IIoT Connectivity Packages - SCALANCE and RUGGEDCOM

Building the IIoT Infrastructure

As the need for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions increase exponentially, remote connectivity becomes critical in many applications. Major industries such as manufacturing, water, transportation, and energy are starting to utilize the robust cellular infrastructure built by U.S. carriers to interface with a diverse array of industrial control systems. As the world leader in industrial networking, Siemens recognizes the need for a complete industrial connectivity solution for our clients. Our new IIoT connectivity packages represent a turnkey solution that provides secure teleservice and telecontrol connectivity through 4G LTE cellular networks. This complete package offers a much more cost-effective solution for connecting to remote locations while at the same time greatly simplifying setup and installation. Furthermore, it eliminates the complexity of choosing wireless carriers and data plans while also providing a singular point of contact.


  1. Connectivity options for Teleservice and Telecontrol.

  2. Verizon Wireless and AT&T Wireless carrier service available.

  3. Options for both public access and private gateway.

  4. Data plans for 500MB, 1GB and 5GB per month access.

  5. 12 and 24-month services options.


  1. Provides a complete solution (hardware and connectivity).

  2. Competitive IIoT-based data plans

SCALANCE M876-4 Diagram