Inspection of Small Components for Shape, Type or Position


To monitor small parts for shape, type or location, our intelligent VS 120 vision sensor are the optimal choice. The complete packages consist of lighting, processing unit, sensor and cabling. Installation and setup is carried out in no time. Because they are so easy to operate, training is not required and the system is “taught” rather than programmed – even non-experts can manage right from the start. Thanks to standardized interfaces, vision sensors can be flexibly integrated into the automation system.

The intelligent vision sensor can be used for the following applications:

  • Determining the position for Pick & Place applications

  • Checking the presence and position of objects in production

  • Checking the orientation of objects in infeed systems


  • Sort function for up to 15 trained objects

  • Fast commissioning

    - No image processing knowledge required

    - The system is commissioned by teaching it, not programming it (64 models can be taught)

  • High flexibility: a quick changeover of the plant to other types is possible in the case of previously trained objects

  • Realization of a stand-alone solution for simple conveyor units without an additional PLC

  • Simple connection with PROFIBUS DP/PROFINET or serial interface

  • Comprehensive features for system diagnostics, remote control and process control through integration in HMI systems (e.g. WinCC)

  • Web server for operation and start setup support


The following functions are included:

  • Object inspection with incident light method: either shape only, pattern only, or shape and pattern simultaneously

  • Inspection start: via interfaces such as digital I/Os, PROFIBUS or PROFINET and Ethernet

  • Output of inspection result digitally or via PROFIBUS or via PROFINET and Ethernet

  • Thanks to the small dimensions and trailable connecting cables, the sensor head and lighting unit can also be mounted in moving systems.

  • Depending on object size, up to 20 reads per second (object-dependent)

  • Three sensor head versions with type of protection IP65 for different object and pattern sizes