Move towards the future with a robust and secure communication network

"We wanted someone to help us actually design the network that met our needs.  We looked at multiple vendors.  And that's when we sat down with Siemens Professional Services and came up with a network design... That's the future.  We're moving in that direction.  The communications network we're creating now will get us there pretty quickly."  - Dave De Grasse, Senior SCADA Engineer, Green Mountain Power

As networking continues to grow and connectivity becomes increasingly important, finding the right expertise within your organization can become a challenge.  Meanwhile, the current network is costly to maintain and your customers are demanding greater productivity.  We're here to help you streamline the process with:

  • Industry Leading Networking Technology and industrial-grade networking products based on proven standards enabling you to implement powerful, integrated networks into one coherent, "future-proof" system.

  • The Broadest Solution Portfolio that encompasses industrial automation environments and mission critical industry applications, such as electrical power, oil and gas, transportation, water/wastewater and defense.

  • Exclusive Product Know-How and industry expertise ensuring safe and efficient Industrial Network design, support and implementation that is in compliance with all regulatory requirements.

Together as your Partner, we can execute improvements that extend your capabilities and provide the strongest technological, competitive and strategic advantages for your business.

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  • On-site Service and Support

    Where does your current network stand?  How vulnerable is it to risk?  Let us take a comprehensive look, make an assessment and provide best recommendations for a plan that works for you.

  • Design and Consulting

    If you are ready to expand or upgrade, we can help you get going.  This is one way to avoid a piecemeal approach and realize improvements throughout the entire network.

  • Integration and Deployment

    When it's time to install and deploy, don't take any chances.  Ensure success with our  proven pre-configuration, testing and implementation services.

  • Training

    Round out your in-house expertise by filling any knowledge gaps within your organization.  We offer standard or customized training to meet your unique needs.

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