Certify your place in the future of networking.

The future of industry lies in digitalization. And that's exactly why powerful networks are essential in both manufacturing and mission critical applications - as are the knowledge and skills for planning and implementing these networks and connecting them to business systems. Siemens offers a variety of networking certification courses through its Industrial Networks Education Program to address this growing trend, and gives networking professionals the ability to proactively position themselves as leaders in their field.

The Industrial Networks Education program provides the fundamental skills of planning, implementation and securing of industrial networks.  Within this program, there are three fields of study:

  • Switching & Routing

  • Wireless

  • Security

Siemens recognizes the importance of having the network meet the needs of the application it's supporting.  For that reason we offer two certification tracks.  Our industrial network track, based on our SCALANCE portfolio, teaches students how to design and maintain network requirements associated with industrial applications such as manufacturing, logistics and others.  Our mission critical networks track, based on our RUGGEDCOM portfolio, teaches students how to design and maintain network requirements associated with mission critical applications commonly found in Electric Power, Rail,  Transportation and Defense applications. 

Whether you are an Application Engineer in an automotive plant or a Communication Engineer at an Electric Utility, we have a course that's right for you.  All courses are instructor-led, hands-on, and allow you to acquire the in-depth industry knowledge needed to compete in today's global market.

We also offer a couple of introductory, non-certification courses that are great starting points before you begin to invest in your professional certification portfolio - our 2-day Fundamentals course and a web-based Ethernet intro course.

Siemens Certified Professional for Industrial Networks (CPIN)

After successful completion of each course, attendees will have the opportunity to take a certification examination.  Upon passing the exam, a Siemens CPIN certificate will be issued.  This certification is valid for three years from the date of issue.

Note:  Siemens Fundamentals of Industrial Networking and Siemens Initial Training for Industrial Networks are not part of the certification courses, but preparatory.

Who Would Benefit From Attending?

Industrial / Manufacturing

Electric Power, Transportation, Rail, Defense (RUGGEDCOM)

Plant Engineers

Application  Engineers

Automation Engineers

Application Engineers

Control Engineers

Operations or IT Network Engineers

Communication Engineers

Substation Engineers

System Engineers

Facility Managers

Control Engineers

Systems Engineers

Commission Engineers

Project Engineers

Project Engineers

IT/Network Engineers