Digitalization changes everything

The digital transformation will only succeed if we can rely on the security of data and connect systems. Digitalization and cybersecurity are two sides of the same coin.

Industrial Infrastructure Security

As the risk of exposure to malicious cyber attacks to Industrial Control Systems grows, the need to protect people, companies and infrastructures has never been greater.  Furthermore, the operations network must always be running, always be protected and always be prepared for worst case scenarios.

What does the industrial cybersecurity arena look like today?

There are many players in the current industrial cybersecurity arena.  While many offer competencies in a specific area, the best approach is a holistic approach from a partner that has made security a core technology across industries.

Industrial Cybersecurity Training

Industrial Cyber Security Assessments

Industrial Network Security

The Industrial Networks Education program provides the fundamental skills of planning, implementation and securing of industrial networks. Certification courses for Security cover a holistic approach to security and teach about the measures to mitigate potential network threats in various applications.

We also offer customized training to meet your organization's unique challenges.

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As part of our Professional Services, we can review your current network, complete a Vulnerability Assessment and provide a customer specific quote.  We also work along the two leading industry security standards: NERC-CIP and IEC 62443.

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The SCALANCE S Industrial Security Appliances safeguard automation networks and connect seamlessly to the security structures in the office/ IT world.  They provide protection of devices and networks in discrete manufacturing and in the process industry.

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Industrial Endpoint Protection

Industrial Remote Communication

Event Management & Reporting

Security Communication Processors provide protection of controllers with integrated firewall (control of data flow) and VPN for protection against data manipulation and espionage.

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Our comprehensive spectrum of remote monitoring solutions provide the ideal foundation for efficiently and securely monitoring and controlling widely distributed plants of any size and with high bandwidth requirements.




SIM-card Services

SINEMA Remote Connect

SINEMA RC Services

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We offer the industry's most comprehensive suite of solutions including Active Network Management, Secure Access Management and CIP Controller Approach for remote connections using a set of proven blueprints.

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Industrial Cybersecurity Systems

Managed services

With Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), we add a layer of early warning detection capability designed specifically to protect Operational Technology (OT) networks.

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SIMATIC Software Platform as a Service offers a cloud-based IT infrastructure with pre-installed and pre-configured SIMATIC engineering software.

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