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Network failures not only prevent access by plant operators to the field devices, but often also mean that field devices can no longer communicate with one another. In the worst case, this can bring production to a standstill.

The SINEMA Server software has been specially developed for industrial applications. It allows networks in an automation environment to be analyzed and monitored using standardized diagnostics options such as SNMP, PROFINET, and SIMATIC, for example. Collected data is saved in a long-term archive so that it can be evaluated and displayed as required. The determined network diagnosis may additionally be seamlessly integrated via OPC and web mechanisms into HMI/SCADA systems (e.g. WinCC, PCS7).

The SINEMA Server provides maximum transparency in industrial networks through automatic topology recognition, constant network monitoring, as well as comprehensive diagnostics and reporting functions. Network diagnostics can be easily integrated into HMI/SCADA systems such as WinCC as well as third-party systems.

SINEMA Server also offers complete integration of topology into the HMI/SCADA system via web browser. Warnings and error messages can be passed on via the integrated OPC interface.


Driven by the ongoing expansion with PROFINET-based and Ethernet-based devices, Siemens offers SINEMA Server, a network management software that visualizes network components from their connection to the office network over the automation system all the way to the machine level (including drive engineering and even power supply). SINEMA Server also offers the highest level of openness for Ethernet-based devices from other manufacturers; these can be easily and conveniently detected and diagnosed by means of SNMP. The SINEMA Server can therefore be used in infrastructure networks, such as in transportation.

The various license scopes (50, 100, 250, 500 nodes) allow the SINEMA Server to be used simply and efficiently to monitor smaller as well as larger networks. If more nodes are required, any number of additional nodes can be monitored with a central SINEMA Server. This includes, for example, individual production cells that are centrally monitored by a single SINEMA Server system.


  • Clear display of the network topology thanks to automatic component and topology recognition

  • Comprehensive diagnostics options via SNMP, PROFINET and SIMATIC

  • Event-based signaling system for transparent network diagnostics display

  • Standardized network documentation (reports)

  • Device profile concept for monitoring Siemens and non-Siemens devices

  • Transfer of data to cloud-based systems via a range of standardized protocols (e.g. OPC UA)

  • Validation of network parameters

  • Central firmware and configuration management across all devices via CLI

Transparency for Industrial Networks


Inter-project and plant-wide representation of all components and ports

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