The backbone of digitalization

It starts with the network

Digitalization, and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), can unleash new and transformative business models. The resulting opportunity and potential is huge – assuming reliable and future-proof industrial networks can be put in place.

Industrial Networks White Paper

Rugged Networks White Paper

Connectivity: Backbone of the Digital Enterprise.  Leverage advanced industrial communications over industrial Ethernet for highly available, secure and ubiquitous connectivity.


Building a Wireless Network on WiMAX. This versatile and under utilized wireless networking technology can be a practical and economical approach for your broadband coverage applications.


The right product for every application

Whether your application requires efficient data transmission despite strong electromagnetic disruption, extreme temperatures, or long distances, our complete range of powerful and reliable network products is sure to improve efficiency.

SCALANCE – for use in various industrial applications

The SCALANCE product family comprises network components to ensure reliable operation in every industrial environment. It is completed by a cabling system for rapid, pre-assembled connections on-site, fast redundancy to ensure a high level of availability, and a management system to provide continuous monitoring of the network components.

RUGGEDCOM – rugged communications equipment for harsh environments

The network components from our RUGGEDCOM portfolio come into play when especially robust solutions are required. They provide absolute reliability under the toughest conditions, withstand extreme temperature ranges, are immune to powerful electromagnetic disruption, and enable ultra-fast network recovery when faults occur.