SIMATIC RTLS -  the locating platform for your digital enterprise

Mobilize production. Maximize flexibility.

Many innovative companies are thinking about how to make their traditional workflows in production and logistics more dynamic. This allows to respond more quickly to market changes, optimize capacity utilization or manufacture smaller batches. The essentials are flexible, self-organizing production and logistics concepts based on our SIMATIC RTLS locating platform. What does that exactly mean? You can use SIMATIC RTLS to navigate material flows, control mobile robots, monitor component use, and fully document the final product assembly. Welcome to the Digital Enterprise!

Seamless locating of all relevant objects anywhere on the company premises

RTLS solutions consist of three main elements

(1) Hardware Infrastructure: Active transponders mounted on objects send signals in defined intervals; at least four anchors collect the signal and transmit it via gateway to the locating server (2) Locating Server: The locating server calculates the real-time position of the transponders; in addition, it is possible to define configurable events via rule engine (3) IT Integration: The integration with higher-level OT and IT systems, with extensibility to cloud-based platforms, such as the Siemens MindSphere open IoT operating system, designed specifically for industry

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    Precise, end-to-end visibility of moving objects and people in production and logistic processes

    Are you thinking about to better manage and optimize your critical assets, streamline your operations and create more efficient workflows? SIMATIC RTLS offers a full portfolio of options for capturing location data to gratify accuracy, precision and range requirements. It can also feed data into higher-level MES and ERP systems for issuing alerts, alarms, or commands. Plant and logistics operators can use the data to increase efficiency, visibility, and safety. To gain a complete enterprise wide view across multiple plants, even those located on different continents, companies can use cloud platforms like Siemens MindSphere, the open IoT operating system, to link each one and combine its RTLS data with other plants’ data streams. At the same time, SIMATIC RTLS solutions can complete the picture of digital twins for production processes by providing dynamic location data in real-time for all physical objects and personnel, whether at rest or in motion.

    Easy deployment and expansion - The SIMATIC RTLS portfolio features four interworking components

    Siemens SIMATIC RTLS solutions are extremely easy to deploy and configure, especially because they do not require RF engineering. A qualified electrician’s skills are all that are necessary. In addition, these RTLS solutions are highly scalable, so plant and logistics operations can add RTLS capacity in stages as site needs grow — right up to a company-wide infrastructure — with no additional configuration costs.

    These devices are active UWB transmitters that come in various models and sizes for being fitted to material containers, work pieces, robots, AGVs, forklifts, and people's work badges or attire. Whether in motion or at rest, they send UWB signals at defined intervals to receivers called anchors.

    RTLS Applications in the Field

    Tool Control

    • Accurate locating and intelligent support of manufacturing process within 8 inches

    • E.g. documentation of different commands for torque control; indication of battery status

    • Alignment with the digital 3D product model

    Tracking and Tracing

    • Automation of individual manufacturing stages with intelligent real-time locating

    • Precise information about assignment and placement  of machines, tools and employees

    • Reduction of rejected goods due to continuous monitoring process

    Warehouse Management

    • Locating containers and pallets: check and record container workflow

    • Locating forklifts: monitor and optimize parking locations, travel routes, availability and status

    • Additional assignment of access restrictions