Spotlight Applications

Solutions for Industrial Manufacturing Applications

You want flexible production control, efficient asset management, reliable production and component tracking, or intelligent supply chain synchronization. That is exactly what industrial identification from Siemens delivers. With SIMATIC Ident, Siemens offers you a range of RFID and code-reading systems of unrivaled scope and integration, delivering the perfect identification solution to safeguard your competitive ability and make your business flexible for the future.

Ingredient Verification

Tool Identification

Production Logistics

Verify contents in manufacturing processes involve the mixing or blending of different components/ingredients.

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In industries for machining metal and plastic parts, verify that the correct CNC machine tool has been loaded.

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Track and trace when goods come in and go out and during the actual production process.

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Container Sterilization

RTI Verification

Automatic Weighing

Drive the sterilization process and guarantee the integrity of the associated data for report out purposes.

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Identify dunnage, returnable transport items, throughout the process and eliminate its loss.

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Track and manage Work in Process (WIP) and container tare weights to reduce loss and improve the process.

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For more details, check out our Spotlight Application brochure for a variety of applications and corresponding RFID solutions.

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