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Fori Automation: Automated guided vehicles with RFID systems

Get an inside look into how aerospace and automotive industries gain precise, safe and reliable material handling by deploying high-frequency and ultra-high-frequency RFID systems for vehicle positioning and on-the-fly component parts identification.

How did Fori Automation incorporate RFID technology across its fleet of automated vehicles to help boost production efficiency and asset utilization in aerospace, automotive, defense and other industries?

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Caron Engineering: Reducing risks of production disruptions with RFID

Caron Engineering, a company that develops advanced retrofit solutions for CNC machines, provided a way to automatically update specific CNC tool usage history data for aerospace manufacturing, reducing time and errors associated with manual data collection and entry.

Using the SIMATIC Ident RFID system to read and write tool data, Caron's custom designed ToolConnect automated processes for operators at the CNC machine level, reducing tool wear and driving down material costs.

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Patti Engineering helps improve tracking, visibility and safety at a large construction manufacturer with a UHF RFID solution

When it needed to boost engine tracking and visibility through final testing for quality assurance and safety, this large heavy construction equipment manufacturer deployed a UHF RFID system and saw a 50 percent return on investment.