White paper - Machine Level Visualization

You mill with your eyes!

Three of the key types of information generated by a machine include energy consumption, process data and diagnostic data, with a scalable and relative importance assigned to each, depending on the type and usage of each machine. A machine tool, for example, that produces critical aerospace or medical parts would place a considerable value on the accuracy of the dimensions in process, while a packaging machine or printing press might place equally high value on the quantities produced and a plant power generator would put the highest priorities on energy consumption and safe operation.
Further research has shown that the human brain can simultaneously process 7 items of information visually, +/- 2, after which there is interrupted attention (bad) followed by information overload (worse) and inaction or the inability to make a decision (possibly catastrophic).
What does this mean for the machine and HMI designers in today’s manufacturing or process environment, where the trend is rapidly moving to digitalization, big data and the visually compelling touchscreen with its multi-color displays and big screen capabilities?

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