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The number of open manufacturing jobs in the U.S. is at its highest point since 2000, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Even as the unemployment rate remains quite low, significant segments of the population remain under employed or unemployed, lacking the skills necessary to compete for the higher-wage openings. Experts predict that by 2025 there will be two million unfilled manufacturing jobs. This mismatch impairs the ability of domestic manufactures to expand and weighs on overall economic growth.

To solve the problem manufacturers must consider a two-front approach:

  • attract and prepare new workers to compete for and succeed in higher-tech manufacturing jobs

  • accelerate efforts to increase technical productivity by digitizing the manufacturing process

In its search for a new generation of workers, manufacturers must turn to the millennial generation. However, attracting and retaining millennial talent to manufacturing has been a challenge. That is why Siemens sees the need to develop programs that will break down manufacturing and engineering silos and put students in touch with industry players. We started a 1-day internship program in 2017 and had many participate for a unique and successful opportunity.

Student Zone

Manufacturing in America - 2018 hosted its 3rd annual Student Zone where 9th through 12th grade students will be able to participate in educational and hands-on workshops with manufacturing equipment.
The students experienced what an exciting career in manufacturing is all about and had the opportunity to apply for a 1-day internship with local manufacturing companies.

What is the Siemens 1-Day Internship?

Since 2017 Siemens collaborated with companies such as Electro-matic, Fori Automation, Inc. and Harry Major Machine, to empower students in a work-related job shadowing experience to gain important knowledge and skills in a particular career field. The most important aspect of the internship is for students to get trained and motivated before they enter the job market. Students get a complete hands-on experience of touring the manufacturing facility and even learn more about the roles of engineering, management, and sales. This also provides the companies with an opportunity to 'test drive' the talent.

Hear from our customer on the experience of last year's internship...

“There was a notable difference in Landen’s understanding and potential career outlook from the start of the day to the end. He started the day focused on product design for the large OEMs and showed a great deal of interest toward the mechatronics and machine tool builders at the end of the day. He asked about the potential of an internship with Fori next summer. All and all I think it was a great experience and I know our team enjoyed the opportunity to work with Landen as well.”

Mark VanHaverbeck, Account Manager for Fori Automation, Inc.

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