Drawing Library for CAD Users


The SIMATIC TOP connect drawing library offers CAD users valuable assistance when planning and documenting their systems. All drawings are available in AutoCAD R14 - DWG format, and AutoCAD R12 - DXF drawing exchange format, and as Windows WMF meta files and GIF pixel graphic files.


First, select a front connector module, and open the appropriate drawing. All front connector modules have already been arranged in a DIN-A3 drawing form. In addition, a piece list has been inserted on the right-hand side of the drawing where all terminal blocks which can be used for this front connector module are listed.

This list includes ordering information, options, accessories, and file names. You can then insert the desired terminal blocks in the drawing.

SIMATIC Top Connect

Some labels are set up as attributes (i.e., placeholders) which can be edited.

The individual files of one format type are combined into a compressed file. After downloading to hard disk or other storage medium, the self-unpacking file can be activated.

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