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What does this Safety Integrated DVD offer to you …Complete Machine Safety Life-Cycle at your fingertips:

Safety Standards: Dive into a comprehensive review of the safety standards you need to know to provide your employees with a safe working environment. Presented by safety expert organizations like OSHA, TUV, UL, RIA & more who will cover topics from a basic to advanced understanding, perfect as a review or a new learning experience.

Safety Compliance: Uncover how a simple risk assessment feedback-loop increases both worker safety & process efficiency. True & trusted professionals guide you through every step from identification to documentation.

Safety Solutions: Siemens is an industry leader in offering integrated, industrial safety solutions for all and any application. Learn about what makes Siemens stand out with Totally Integrated Automation, and how we can help you cut costs and increase productivity, as your gateway to automation in the Digital Enterprise.

Safety Implementation: Hear from companies who have revolutionized their process and machinery safety through technology exclusively available through Siemens solutions.

Safety Services: Experts from Safety Organizations like TUV, UL, RIA & more available to answer your safety service requirements.

Finally are you looking for understanding the various aspects of machine safety and also for reliable protection of personnel, machinery & environment with a goal to increase employee morale & Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), to boost productivity?

...Then this Safety Integrated DVD is just for you!

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