Safety Integrated for Factory Automation

Take the direct route to optimum machine safety with Safety Integrated, which allows machine manufacturers and system operators to benefit from our pioneering concept. Safety Integrated incorporates safety technology into standard automation, significantly reduces engineering costs, ensures reliable and efficient operation, and enables greater availability.

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Why Safety?

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Machine Safety Integration for Factory Automation Compliance


Why safety?  Machine safety is a must!
Machine manufacturers and operators are obliged by law to ensure the safety of people and the environment. Learn how functional safety also protects you from high costs and the advantages of integrated safety technology.

 Why Safety?

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 Best of Safety Education

To ensure your plant or operation is compliant, it is important to know what compliance regulations and standards are in place. Below, please find the latest compliance information and regulatory standards that can help you stay informed.

 Compliance for Machine Safety

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Machine Safety Integration for Factory Automation TUV Certification

TUV Certification

Siemens offers the world’s most unique and comprehensive portfolio of controllers, drives and industrial controls: Safety Integrated. It covers all requirements placed upon the functional safety of machines and systems. Safety Integrated is the consistent implementation of safety technology in accordance with Totally Integrated Automation.

 Safety Product Portfolio

With a dedicated network of Solution Experts and Industry Thought Leaders, you can be sure that the safety advise you get is top notch. Select from the links below to find the consultant, coach, or expert to help answer your questions.

 Support and Implementation

Siemens USA offers this training in cooperation with TUV Rheinland

 TUV Rheinland - Functional Safety of Machinery Training with Certificate

Safety Integrated: One system, one engineering tool, one network

Why SIMATIC Safety Integrated?

Siemens offers a cost-effective solution for any safety application.
• Wide range portfolio from micro-processors to PC-base controller
• Ability for local safety modules
• Centralized Safety I/O
• PC based Safety
• Wireless safety
• Wide range of integrated drive technology
• Safety controller with single processor for TUV approval