White Paper - Safety PLCs in Burner Management Systems

Improving safety compliance and cost-effectiveness of Burner Management Systems

Regardless of the industry, safety must be a foremost concern wherever fuel is burned – furnaces, ovens, kilns, dryers, boilers and other kinds of facilities. Explosions can be deadly, costly and disruptive. 2015 revisions in U.S. National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards raised burner safety minimums. At the same time, integrations of safety PLCs into burner management systems – at nearly the same cost as regular PLCs – have boosted safety levels even further to meet SIL 2 and SIL 3 requirements. In addition, these advanced systems can offer improved operating efficiency, plus visibility via data feeds to higher-level DCS systems and easy-to-use, human-machine interfaces (HMIs),accessed remotely via tablets and even smartphones. These are among the key benefits upgrading to these systems can provide.

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