Trolley Assist for Haul Trucks

In the past, trolley systems were replaced by other truck systems. Now they are coming back. Normally, speed on grade is limited by diesel engine horsepower. If a truck could get more power by connecting to an overhead electric line while going uphill, it could climb faster. The engine would be idling, and fuel consumption would be reduced by 95 percent. Noise and emissions would diminish, and productivity and engine life would rise significantly.

SIMINE TR can be used with trolley assist to overcome the limitations of engine power and to increase on-grade speed. By tapping into overhead electric lines, the drive system can boost speed by up to 80 percent, even while the engine idles. Offering significant advantages over DC trolley assist systems, trucks with Siemens AC trolley assist can handle a wide range of line voltages and run on the line at any speed and payload.

Siemens can perform a site-specific evaluation – including haul profile data, cycle times, production requirements and energy prices – and create a cost-benefit analysis for possible trolley scenarios in your mine. Experience has shown that the higher productivity and reductions in energy and maintenance costs lead to an attractive IRR and payback time of one to three years. In addition, we can supply all trolley equipment and services – on the truck as well as in the mine. That includes pantographs, overhead lines, substations, and line positions sensors, together with financing, maintenance, and service support.

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