SIROLL FL – reliability, quality, and reduced idle times

Siemens Metals Technologies offers a full range of finishing line solutions, from discrete machines to component modernizations. As your life cycle partner, we’ll work closely together with you to meet all your needs, including investment planning, operating concept and layout, and modernization activities to ensure that your plant always uses the latest technology.

Siemens Metals Technologies supplies the full range of strip finishing lines for steel and aluminum, with more than three hundred lines in operation worldwide. Our broad range of products includes eccentric rotary shears, leveling machines, stacking devices, as well as different tool changing systems and tension devices for each application.

World-class automation and advanced process models help you meet any quality requirement for flatness and dimensional tolerances – from thin automotive applications to thick, rough strip for pipes. Highest surface quality protection and accurate strip handling ensure ultimate quality for your finished products. Benefits include an excellent cost/performance ratio, short tool-changing times, reduced erection and commissioning times, low maintenance, maximum line availability, optimized line operation, close cutting tolerances, and low product-reject rates.

SIROLL FL cut-to-length lines

Processing Lines - SIROLL FL cut-to-length lines

SIROLL FL cut-to-length lines are designed to ensure high quality sheets and packaging. The 6-high leveler ensures outstanding flatness while a rotary shear achieves high performance and enables continuous production. High production rates can be achieved by flexible non-stop stacking and bundle evacuation systems.

SIROLL FL blanking lines

Processing Lines - SIROLL FL blanking lines

SIROLL FL blanking lines ensure careful handling of the steel strip and maximum surface protection. The 6-high leveler is suitable for processing surface critical materials and ensuring a perfect leveling result. Siemens Metals Technologies integrates presses from leading suppliers worldwide to cut all kinds of blank shapes.

SIROLL FL tilting shear lines

Processing Lines - SIROLL FL tilting shear lines

SIROLL FL tilting shear lines ensure careful handling of the steel strip and maximum surface protection. The 6-high leveler is suitable for processing surface critical materials and ensuring a perfect leveling result. The rotary tilting shear has tight cutting tolerances and ensures continuous production.

Side Trimmers

Processing Lines - Side Trimmers

Side-trimmers from Siemens Metals Technologies – ensure  final product quality

Siemens Metals Technologies has developed high-precision side trimmers to meet most modern requirements. Hedge trimming of the strip brings added value to the coil by eliminating strip edge defects and ensuring a precise width tolerance. The latest SIROLL PL side trimmer is a full electrical system without hydraulic media that is easy to maintain and complies with stringent environmental standards.

Controlled Elongation Machines

Processing Lines - Controlled Elongation Systems

Controlled Elongation System for SIROLL PL processing lines

Siemens Metals Technologies has been a leader in the development of Controlled Elongation Machines (CEM) since 1953. Our CEMs meet all crucial success metrics and are supported by numerous patents. The result: higher performance, increased reliability and better adaptability to innovations in steel production. Direct elongation control permits steel producers to process metal strip with yield point and tensile strength close to each other, without the risk of strip breakage.

SIROLL FL slitting lines

Processing Lines - SIROLL FL slitting lines

SIROLL FL slitting lines provide you with the most efficient and reliable solutions for slitting steel strip. Precise slitting and tight, scratch-free rewinding allows to process surface-critical material for automotive applications. The slitting lines are designed with fast tool changing solutions to minimize idle times.

SIROLL FL multi blanking lines

Processing Lines - SIROLL FL multi blanking lines

SIROLL FL multi blanking lines combine slitting and cutting-to-length length into a single process step. The configuration of the line ensures process flexibility, high production rates and efficient operation.

SIROLL FL tension leveling, recoiling, side trimming and inspection lines

Processing Lines - SIROLL FL tension leveling, recoiling, side trimming and inspection lines

SIROLL FL tension leveling, recoiling and inspection lines are designed to meet the requirements in terms of strip shape surface quality and production capacity. The Siemens Metals Technologies tension leveler stands for precise leveling and best surface qualities. The process is controlled by a powerful Siemens automation system to ensure a perfectly flat strip at the exit of the line.


Processing Lines - Welders

Welders from Siemens Metals Technologies – the optimum solution for every situation

Siemens Metals Technologies supplies a range of welders to handle the tough requirements of coupled pickling tandem mills and continuous tandem cold mills: flash butt welders for superb reliability in demanding welding tasks and laser welders for top quality with minimum maintenance.

Surface Inspection and Vision

Processing Lines - SIROLL SIAS Surface Inspection and Vision

SIROLL SIAS – Automated Surface Inspection System

The SIAS system was specifically designed for on-line surface monitoring of metals, detecting and classifying area defects such as rolled-in scale and dross, periodic defects such as roll marks and dents, and individual defects such as blisters, slivers, laminations, and scratches. The results are provided in real-time in order to support immediate decisions that ensure cost optimization, increased productivity, and final user satisfaction.