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Brewing Beer Production & Packaging

Well established breweries pride themselves on their ability to produce high quality, consistent beer, while being able to increase supply to meet rising demands.  It’s a challenge that many smaller breweries face as they begin to grow.

SIMATIC Brewing Solutions are freely combinable systems so that your custom requirements are met through the solution package.  Our brewing solutions are made for craft brewers who expects perfection in every brew, whether brewing 30K barrels a year, or +/- 500K barrels.  These cutting edge brewing technologies work hand-in-hand with PCS 7, to enable you to master recipe repeatability, improve quality and consistency, while lowering costs.

Interested in malt production solutions?  We supply a broad range of special purpose products and systems for malt production to enable greater efficiency in your operation.

Brewery Production

Filling and Packaging

It’s no longer sufficient to automate select process steps in beer production.  Integrated brewing automation solutions for all production processes - from the incoming order to the outgoing delivery- will enable you to reach the highest level of productivity.

Siemens Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) concept uses our complete and unique automation portfolio and a unified engineering environment to ensure quality and consistency. With TIA you can optimize every essential area of the brewing process, from building automation and energy management through MES to servicing and maintenance.

In many breweries, the filling plant and packaging department account for 75% or more of total production costs.  Siemens modular and scalable Optimized Packaging Line integrates filling and packaging systems in a common automation and communication standard, saving costs throughout the entire line.  Most importantly, brewery filling automation and brewery packaging automation help improve line efficiency, productivity, and availability.

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