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Siemens Traffic Solutions announces the launch of SITRAFFIC® Concert Regional Transportation System in the US

SITRAFFIC® Concert Regional Transportation System offers both freeway and regional management applications offering extended control, management and response capabilities for ITS applications.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Siemens Traffic Solutions announced today the launch of the SITRAFFIC® Concert Regional Transportation System for application in the US. Previously deployed in Europe and Asia as an Urban/Freeway Traffic Management System, the US adaptation offers both freeway and regional management applications offering extended control, management and response capabilities for ITS applications. The integration of ITS device information creates safer roads for travelers and also provides the ability to manage traffic based on environmental impacts.

“The benefit of the Concert system is that it provides state and local agencies the ability to coordinate and control many types of devices from one user interface and to share information from those devices across agency boundaries” says Walt Townsend, Project Manager at Siemens.  This information sharing provides the basis for coordinated incident response, and enables the design and implementation of automated incident response plans.  In addition, ITS devices that provide traveler information such as dynamic message signs, highway advisory radio, lane control and variable speed signs are driven by the collective information gained from all of the ITS devices.

The Concert system is currently being deployed in South Carolina as a state-wide Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS). It integrates control of all their ITS devices, including CCTV cameras, Dynamic Message Signs, Highway Advisory Radio, and more.  In addition, the system will provide travel time information for drivers, Incident Detection, and automatic Incident Response Plan generation.  The system is hosted at the state TMC in Columbia, and will support five additional remote TMCs at locations around the state.

Concert also offers additional capabilities, including integration of signal control, weather sensors, lane control and variable speed signs. The lane and speed control module brings advanced European "Active Traffic Management" freeway control techniques to the US, including the ability to automatically track the tail of a congestion queue and lower the speed limit for approaching drivers, significantly reducing the number of secondary collisions.

The Concert environmental module available collects information from air quality sensors and a simulation model to make traffic management changes based on real-time data.  Users can implement automated response plans to re-route traffic when congestion causes a reduction in air quality.

“Traffic is a major contributor to pollution through CO2 emissions.  Emissions reach higher levels during periods of congestion generated by high demand or incidents,” says Christy Peebles, General Manager of Siemens Traffic Solutions in the US.  “Providing municipalities with the tools not only to detect areas where emission levels are rising but also to put in response plans to manage those levels is a huge step at managing our mobility and our environment hand-in-hand.  The Concert system is a huge leap at protecting our safety, mobility and environment.”

Siemens will demonstrate the Concert Regional Advanced Transportation Management System at ITS America.

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