Siemens Introduces Next Generation Vertical Sortation Unit For Baggage Handling

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

ATLANTA -- Siemens today announced the introduction of the new SIBAG VSU II (Vertical Sortation Unit II), an electromechanical conveyor used to sort baggage between two vertically stacked conveyor lines. The new unit uses easily accessible external motors instead of the motorized pulleys used in the previous model, substantially improving its maintainability.

Siemens introduces next generation vertical sortation unit for baggage handling

The device is available in two varieties: the diverter unit sorts one incoming baggage line to two takeaway lines while the merge unit will combine bags from two vertically stacked lines onto a single take-away conveyor. The incline angle reduction from 18 degrees to 14 degrees increases bag stability during sortation and results in higher sortation accuracy. This makes the new SIBAG VSU II ideal for use in tracked areas.

Building on the success of previous generation of Siemens’ Vertical Sortation Unit, the SIBAG VSU II includes the following design features:

  • Throughput of up to 40 bags per minute

  • Incline and decline angle of 14 degrees

  • Unique small installation footprint

  • Robust and reliable pivoting mechanism

  • Simple controls scheme

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