Frequently Asked Questions

you can load and read DXF files on the SINUMERIK 810D, 840D, 840Di CNCs?

you can load and read DXF files on the SINUMERIK 810D, 840D, 840Di CNCs?With the use of the CAD-Reader software, any DXF file can be imported. CAD-Reader allows the skipping and deletion of multi-layer drawings and provides for automatic contour tracing. Any workpiece zero can be used, either from the drawing or chosen by the programmer. Several contours or drilling patterns can be extracted at the same time. This allows an easy conversion for use in the JobShop software, ShopMill or ShopTurn, or for use in the standard HMI.

that Siemens developed a high-level language for the SINUMERIK CNC?

The high-level language provided on the SINUMERIK 810D and 840D allows the programmer to use variables of their choosing to provide flexible part programming. Conditional statements and the ability to read from systems parameters allow many types of parts to be defined with a self-calculating program. This will allow a few shorter programs to do the work of many longer ones.

that Siemens developed a unique SINUMERIK CNC platform that is independent from metalworking technology?

The SINUMERIK 810D and 840D have been used in many industries and applications. Besides the traditional metalworking processes on mills and lathes, other uses include (but are not limited to) laser cutting, EDM drilling, plasma cutting, waterjet cutting and even grinding.

you are able to develop your own technology cycles?

A wide range of cycles are included with the 810D / 840D. The OEM and the end user can enhance these. The high-level macro language allows custom canned cycles to be written specific to the application.

you can engrave and serialize your production parts?

With ShopMill and ShopTurn from Siemens, you are now able to perform an advanced engraving cycle to allow text, dates and even serial numbers on your parts.

ShopMill and HMI Advanced feature a chip break tap cycle?

If you have trouble tapping your parts made of stringy material, or if you machine plastics, brass or stainless steel that will not break a chip, these additional parameters in ShopMill will allow you to set the tap distance and retract method to clear chips from your tap.

that Siemens CNCs are the prefect automation system for machine tools?

Independent from the technology you have to use in production, Siemens offers you a unique CNC platform, which fulfills all required tasks from shopfloor manufacturing up to large batch production.

This unique CNC concept keeps not only your production process cost-effective, but your maintenance processes as well. Machine operators will find a uniform user interface across the different metal working technologies. Your maintenance team will find standardized control components throughout the installed machine base equipped with SINUMERIK.

The Siemens "JobShopSuite" consisting of ShopMill, ShopTurn and ManualTurn software will simplify complex programming tasks directly on the machine and offline on PC. These graphical tools allow you to program without G-code knowledge and only with a blueprint on your hand. Even the integrated ease of use tool management and simulation function makes this package complete.

the SINUMERIK 840D with PCU50 has program correction?

When your program is running, the 840D checks your program for errors. When there is a detected error (program mistake, over travel or syntax error), a message is displayed along with the block number of the mistake. Push the softkey for Correct Program and the editor will open the program with the error marked by a blinking cursor. You can then make the correction and continue the program.

the SINUMERIK 840D has a built-in calculator function?

In any of the fields that require a numeric input, the equals key (=) can be pressed. This will open another field that will allow you to add or subtract from the existing value. This is not limited to add and subtract, you can also multiply and divide as well as perform an inch-metric conversion. If you are setting a tool that is in inches and the machine is set in metric, type the inch value, press the equals key and the letter M. This will change the value to metric. The opposite is also true: pressing the equals key and typing the letter I changes the value to inches.

the SINUMERIK 840D has a high-speed machining cycle?

CYCLE832 allows an easy way to set the tolerance and transformation and compressor functions. This will allow the programmer to tailor the machine settings for roughing, semi-finish and finish programs. A convenient support screen is provided with the ability to re-translate the cycle. Defaults can be chosen to allow easy deactivation.

some materials can have a constant chip break?

They will tend to form the infamous birds nest around the part and chuck. CYCLE95 for turning now provides parameters for a dwell in the roughing cycle to allow the chip to break. Total flexibility is provided by allowing the programmer to decide how far the tool travels before dwelling for the desired time period.

a “Peck” tapping cycle is included in the ShopMill software package?

If you’re having problems with tapping stringy material, this feature will give you the choice of a full retract or chip break. You also have full control of retract and return distance.

ShopMill features dynamic 3D simulations for the verification of ShopMill programs?

In addition, you can also perform a rapid simulation of G-code programs which allows you to check your mold and die parts quickly.

ShopTurn has milling capabilities?

A wide range of cycles are included with the 810D / 840D. The OEM and the end user can enhance these. The high-level macro language allows custom canned cycles to be written specific to the application.

you can easily define tools in ShopMill and ShopTurn?

The Siemens JobShop Suite of software provides an easy tool management screen for setting up and defining tools. The graphical interface provides subtle prompting to define the correct geometry of both milling and turning tools. Milling tools can be defined as straight, ball nose and tapered. Turning tools allow the operator to input the tools cutting angle, relief angle nose radius and maximum cutting depth.

the SINUMERIK 840D gives the ability to write your own measuring routines?

The program word MEAS will probe and stop when contact is made allowing you to perform calculations, to check an axis position or to simply check if the part is present.

the SINUMERIK 840D sl allows you to save data with the keystroke ALT+S?

If you're worried about losing your setup data and programs over a long shutdown, this tip saves your tool information, work offsets, programs and machine data all in one location that can be read on power up.

the SINUMERIK 802D sl has the feature that can save you time and effort if you write a lot of programs manually?

There are now user-defined templates to ease your programming. You can custom write program start, program end and safe start blocks. Then insert them in the appropriate spot with only a couple of keystrokes. Your programs will be written faster and more consistently.

there is a very easy way to load your part programs?

RS-232 takes too long, a floppy drive is too small for your program files and there might not be a network available in your shop. Well, on any machine that is using a SINUMERIK 802D sl, a Compact Flash (CF) card reader is standard. CF cards up to 1 MB can be hot-swapped at any time, and any programs on the card can be loaded, edited or run directly from the card itself.

the SINUMERIK 802D sl is capable of running ISO G-Code part programs with little modification?

There’s no more need to convert your programs into a different format. You only have to take into account any functions that differ from machine to machine.

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