Siemens Certification Programs

Certified employees and contractors ensure a high quality and productivity

Having the relevant expertise is an essential prerequisite for self-confident and effective action. Cycles of innovation are also becoming shorter and shorter, combined with market pressures for efficiency make the establishment of skill standards through certifications an absolute necessity.

The training and certifications offered by Siemens enables the efficient use of automation technologies including their correct design, installation, commissioning and support.  Elevate your confidence that staff and contractors have a proven level of skills with Siemens certifications and see real results in:

  • More efficient project designs

  • Shorter commissioning times

  • Lower maintenance expenditures

  • Minimized downtime

  • Flexible adaptation of equipment to changing requirements

  • Improved quality standards in production

  • Shorter learning curves when there are changes in technology or personnel

  • Motivated, committed employees

SITRAIN makes it possible to meet the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001 as employees and contractors can obtain specialist knowledge and skills through certification.

Siemens certifications are tailored to the needs of Industry and to the demands of our Channel and Solution Partners.  Industry certifications are available to all customers.  Channel and Solution Partner certifications are limited to contract partners.

Certification Program

Industry Certifications (click here)

  • Siemens Certified Programmer

Channel and Solution Partner Certifications
(Call us at 800-333-7421 or send us an e-mail for details.)

  • Automation Systems

  • Drive and Motion Systems

  • Process Control Systems

  • Power Management Systems

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