Industry Services

Range of industrial services for automation, drive and motion control systems from Siemens and many other manufacturers

Your industrial plant operates best with a solid service strategy. But, it isn’t easy. Having all of the skills you need in house to keep critical automation, drive and motion control systems operating may not be practical. That’s why many companies work with Siemens, the experts in comprehensive industrial services.

Why Siemens? Customers choose Siemens because they know they have a trusted partner — one who will be there throughout the entire lifecycle of their automation, drive and motion control systems. Think of us as your own team of experts. A team dedicated to helping you and your plant do more.

Be prepared to experience a new feeling. It’s called “peace of mind.”  We help you stay focused on your core competence and leave the rest to us.

We can help:

  • Digital Services - condition-monitoring, data analytics and industrial cyber security

Siemens is committed to making your life easier by cost-effectively servicing and supporting your automation and drive systems. It’s a simple, all-in-one formula. Our product and industry experts arm you with information to help make better decisions about the future of your systems and plants. Then, we follow up with a service plan designed specifically for you.

Your benefits:

  • Increase equipment efficiencies and achieve optimum cost

  • Minimize the risk of catastrophic system failure and reduce costs by planning and performing maintenance to avoid unbudgeted repair expenses

  • Protect your assets with customized service agreements and help you meet regulatory requirements

  • Manage the competency of your workforce and adopt new technology

  • Do more with a warranty of our services – from equipment testing protocols to maintenance and repair

Plant Management

Plant Management

Plant Operations

Plant Operations

As a plant manager, you need to meet production goals, maintain control of costs, and ensure work safety and security. Siemens Industry Services helps your plant run smoothly, so you can meet internal goals as well as customer expectations.

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Are concerns about reliability and efficiency keeping you up at night? Your days probably aren’t any easier. You need to incorporate new technology, achieve efficiency improvements, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Siemens service options can help you monitor and manage process and personnel to achieve your operating goals.

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Plant Maintenance

Plant Maintenance

Services at a Glance

Services at a Glance

We understand the threat of unplanned downtime – it costs money, all-around. You make sure the equipment is operating at peak performance and faults are identified as soon as possible. We make your life easier. Our industry services allow you to take control of scheduling service and maintenance activities as you like.

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Your plant can do more with our complete portfolio of services. For products, systems, and applications, we support the entire lifecycle of your machines and plant.

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