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Industrial Manufacturing

The race to becoming a digital enterprise.

Manufacturers large and small are aware that digitalization continues to drive every industry forward, making the American landscape increasingly competitive. Digital solutions are essential in every industry today, whether for optimizing manufacturing, analyzing data, enhancing network infrastructure, or developing sustainable energy systems.

The digital factory requires new talent with advanced skills

As manufacturers take on more and more advanced technologies, they will need skilled workers to set up and run manufacturing lines and systems. Careers in automation are highly-skilled and well-paid, where no project is exactly the same.

Newport News

NewPort News - Digital Future

Power matters - Electricity as a competitive advantage for your  Digital Enterprise.



Every machine and system in your business holds a wealth of data. MindSphere is the operating system that lets you understand it.

The race to a digital future

Simulator Systems

Assessing digital intensity in US manufacturing.

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