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Industrial Manufacturing

The race to becoming a digital enterprise.

Digitalization, automation, sustainability policies and game-changing disruptors are revolutionizing the manufacturing  industry. Digitalization increases pressure on the industry, but it also opens up new business opportunities. Industrial enterprises need to reduce time to market significantly, improve flexibility, and increase quality while reducing energy and resource consumption. Another general requirement is security. Digitalization also leads to increasing vulnerability of production plants to cyber attacks – and this increases the need for appropriate security measures.

Transforming manufacturing across the U.S.

The Siemens Digital Enterprise Showcase at the Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute in Chicago is designed to help manufacturers explore a working digital enterprise so they can better understand its value to their companies.

Ducati: Digital from the very beginning


Each season, Ducati surprises its fans with new motorbikes – and Siemens PLM Software solutions play a big role.



The cloud-based-open IoT operating system from Siemens.  It transforms data into knowledge and lets you speak with the Internet of Things.

World-Class Simulator Systems

World-Class Simulator Systems

System simulators are a valuable tool for program testing; personnel training, troubleshooting and more. New, innovative virtual tools and traditional hardware units are available to match your needs

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