Tips for AC Gear Motor Selection

Shopping for AC gear motors? Educate yourself here on the fundamentals of AC gear motor design so that you can select the best solution for your specific application.

Many material handling applications require the use of a motor joined to a gearbox, or reducer, in order to get a great deal of torque in a small footprint. There are two basic ways of achieving this task.

Integral AC gear motor

Integral AC Gear Motor

  • Gearbox and motor permanently coupled together

  • Sold as a single unit

  • Pinion gear driving the gearbox is directly mounted to the drive shaft of the motor

  • Perfect, permanent alignment between motor and gearbox with zero loss in mechanical efficiency

  • Shorter in axial length

  • Lower weight

  • Highly customizable/configurable

  • Option to add integrated brake or encoder

Tip #1 – Use integral AC gear motors to optimize efficiency, size, weight, and alignment.

Gearbox with C-face adapter + AC motor

Gearbox with C-face Adapter Plus AC Motor

  • Gearbox and motor coupled together via an adapter

  • Gearbox with adapter and motor sold separately

  • Modular design allows for different types of motor frames (NEMA, Servo, IEC)

  • Caution points
    -  Shaft connection point is prone to corrosion and fretting if not assembled correctly
    -  Adapter should use a two bearing design to prevent axial forces from being applied into the motor causing premature failure

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