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Your Needs

Siemens Answers

Fast delivery

10 days or less standard delivery from our South Carolina assembly plant

Lower operating costs

NEMA Premium® Efficient or NEMA Energy Efficient motors coupled with highly efficient

Design and order quickly

Easy-to-use online configuration tool provides exact 3D CAD data and a detailed summary of your configured gear motors

Identify instantly

RFID nameplates allow for quick identification, while Smart Numbers make ordering of exact duplicates effortless

Reduce installation time

Lightweight aluminum housings make units easier to handle, and the SIMOLOC keyless tapered hollow shaft locking system allows for ease of installation

Help and support 24/7

Network of 1,200+ service engineers and technical professionals who are on call, on-site, and on-line 24/7

Single source supplier

Siemens is the only automation supplier able to deliver end-to-end conveyor solutions which benefits you by reducing assembly and commissioning costs, shortening time to market, and increasing system flexibility and reliability

NEMA Premium® is a certification mark of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association. (US DOE CC# 032A)