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1PH8 Motors

Widely used, asynchronous induction motors are a preferred choice for industrial applications due to their rugged construction, absence of brushes, and the ability to control the motor speed. Compact, with high-power density, Siemens high-performance induction motors are almost maintenance-free and feature an optional integrated, high-resolution measuring system for high-end speed and position control. Used in conjunction with SINAMICS S120 drives, these motors approach servo quality.

Based on a universal design succeeding the predecessor high-performance induction motor families — 1PH7, 1PH4, 1PL6, 1PM4 and 1PM6 — in one platform, the 1PH8 family replaces these products with full compatibility and even wider power and speed ranges.

SIMOTICS M 1PH8 High Performance Induction and Main Spindle Motor

Compared to standard and trans norm NEMA and IEC motors, the 1PH8 motors are optimized for high-end motion control tasks utilizing variable speed drives. To achieve outstanding performance in these applications, the 1PH8 is about 30 to 40 percent smaller, resulting in lower rotor inertia and better dynamic response times.

The rated speed range of up to 6,000 rpm is enhanced with field weakening (constant power) all the way up to 20.000 rpm. The very rugged 1PH8 motors are available in IP rating 55 and 65 with a high overload capability (up to 3 times rated torque) and rotatable connectors (in the lower shaft heights) or terminal boxes.

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Special Features and Options

  • Forced-ventilated or water-cooled

  • Absolute or incremental encoders

  • All the advantages of our electronic nameplate Drive - CliQ

  • Keyed or plain shaft

  • Horizontal mounting

  • Vertical mounting

  • Bearing options for increased cantilever forces or increased speed range

Key Benefits

  Freedom for the OEMs R&D department

The 1PH8 servomotor offers 100% interface compatibility to the 1PH8 high performance induction motor, allowing simple power upgrades from the induction design to the higher power dense servo design 

  Outstanding production quality

Very high motion control capability through high radial eccentricity; very low torque ripple and high-resolution encoder systems

  Easy-to-install, easy-to-service

Through rotatable connectors and terminal boxes, electronic nameplate and free choice of air flow direction

■  Extreme space saving

With the cooling options, forced-ventilated and water-cooled, the power density is outstanding in the high-power servo market

Technical Data - SIMOTICS M 1PH8 Asynchronous Induction Version

Shaft heights

80 to 355 mm

Rated speed*

400 – 3,600 rpm

Max speed*

Up to 20,000 rpm

Rated power*

3.75 - 1,797 HP / 2.8 kW –1,340 kW

Rated torque*

10 – 9,160 lb-ft / 13 – 12,415 Nm

* Depending on specific motor version and type

Typical Applications

  • Converting, e.g. coilers

  • Hoisting, e.g. gear and crane systems

  • Machine tools, e.g. main spindles

  • Metal forming, e.g. wire drawing machines

  • Paper, e.g. winders and unwinders

  • Plastics, e.g. extruders

  • Printing, e.g. print cylinders

  • Textiles, e.g. web handling

  • All types of high-demanding speed control applications

Siemens Standard and Trans Norm NEMA and IEC Induction Motors

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