Siemens Answers with Phase-Out Information for SIMOREG DC Master Drives

SIMOREG Phase-Out Information

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In June 2013 Siemens discontinued production of the SIMOREG drives family. With the SINAMICS DC Master family, Siemens is best able to continue the success story as the global market leader for DC drives.

The SIMOREG phase-out period runs until 2022.

During this time Siemens spare parts service and service support will be available without any restrictions. This offers customers an extensive range of repair and other services.  With this measure, Siemens wishes to secure the availability of the drive systems installed in the field. The product will be totally discontinued effective October 1, 2020. From this time onwards, the product will no longer be produced, but spare parts will be available through October 2022 (contingent upon component availability).

> Read more in this Product Announcement - Supply of Replacement Devices - dated February 2017

The SIMOREG DC Master Drives line is being replaced by the SINAMICS DC Master family of drives.

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SIMOREG Phase-Out Timeline

SIMOREG Phase-Out Timeline


The first DC drives to fit within Siemens Totally Integrated Automation strategy, SIMOREG drives have been completely integrated into the Siemens system environment. Engineering/configuration and programming, as well as communications, share a common database - saving time and expense.

The SIMOREG DC-Master family features an output range from 5 to 3,350 HP (3.7 to 2,508 kW).

Technical Information

Power range

5 to 24,000 HP

Rated DC current

15 to 3,000 A (single converter)

Rated supply voltage

3-ph. 400 to 950 V AC

Rated field DC current

5 to 85 A

Rated frequency

45 to 65 Hz

Degree of protection

IP 00 acc. to EN 60 529

Operating temperature

0 °C to 40 °C (reduction curves apply for +40 °C < T < +50 °C)




2Q and 4Q


  • May be fully integrated into any automation environment

  • Expandable in a modular fashion - from the standard application up to high-performance solutions

  • Extension by parallel connection up to 18,000 A

  • Rated supply voltages from 400 V to 950 V

  • Short and fast commissioning as all of the settings are fully electronically parameterized

  • Unified operator control philosophy

Industry Benefits

■  Master and bus systems relieved, and in many cases a separate PLC is not required

    The open and closed-loop control are realized directly in the drive.

■  Optional user-friendly OP1S operator panel guarantees fast and straight forward operator control

    For example, when up-reading and downloading parameter sets online and offline. The 4-line plain text display with 16 characters is clear and functional. The OP1S can be universally used for all SIMOREG DC-MASTER and SIMOVERT MASTERDRIVES drive converters.

■  Direct access to a new interface to configure parallel circuits for redundant drive systems

    The complete system will still function even if one or several drives fail.

■  All SIMOREG DC-MASTER units are already pre-configured in the factory

    The equipment-specific parameters no longer have to be set, and the adaptation to the particular application (e.g. the load resistor for optimum current actual values or the terminating resistor for perfect communications) are also realized fully electronically using parameters. This means that they can be immediately used when service is required. SIMOREG DC-MASTER - the more cost-effective solution even before it goes into operation.

■  Rejuvenate older DC solutions using the SIMOREG CM unit

    The Control Module permits a favorably-priced and efficient retrofit solution - no matter whether retrofitting or upgrading.

■  SIMOREG products are internationally certified and fully compliant with the most important standards and regulations

    From the EN European Standard up to IEC/VDE. CE marking, UL, cUL and CSA certification make the SIMOREG DC-MASTER a true global player.

■  Simply integrated into automation solutions

    e.g. using the PROFIBUS communication interface provided as standard together with various analog and digital interfaces.

Typical Applications

  • Rubber and plastics industry

  • Traction and hoisting drives in the crane industry

  • Lift and cableway drives

  • Paper industry

  • Shears drives in the steel industry

  • Rolling mill drives

  • Winder drives

  • Dynamometers for motors, turbines and gearbox test stands

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