Siemens Answers with SINAMICS G130 - High Powered AC Components for Enclosed Drives and Motor Control Centers

SINAMICS G130 Modular Drive Components

The SINAMICS G130 AC drive offers a very compact power density that is easily integrates into enclosures by specialist drive panel builders, system integrators, and OEMs. The basic SINAMICS G130 drive system consists of a power module and controller, which can be mounted together or separately. The compact and quiet AC/AC G130 power module with state-of-the-art IGBT power semiconductors and an innovative air cooling concept provides low-loss operation for the highest energy efficiency, and is ideal for all applications that do not require regeneration back into the power supply system.

SINAMICS G130 power modules are offered as a protected chassis (IP20) for ratings up to 400 HP (298 KW) at 490A or for larger ratings above 400 HP in an open chassis (IP00) design.  The G130 is equipped with analog and digital inputs and outputs for convenient connection of control signals.  Fieldbus and network interfaces are also available.  Optional components from the extensive SINAMICS drives family include an advanced operator panel, terminal module for digital and analog inputs and outputs, speed feedback encoder interface module, input line or output reactor, fuses, dV/dt, or sine wave filters, among many others.


  • Particularly quiet and compact drive using state-of-the-art IGBT power semiconductors and innovative cooling solution

  • Maximum servicing friendliness with easy accessibility to all modules

  • Problem-free interfacing into automation solutions using a standard PROFIBUS interface and various analog and digital interfaces

  • Increase in plant availability through easy, fast replacement of individual modules and power components

  • Simple start-up and parameterization using interactive menus on the user-friendly AOP30 operator panel with LCD incorporating graphics capability and plain text display

Startup and installation are simplified using an easy wizard-based program in the operator panel or graphic software.

All drive components for SINAMICS G130, where applicable, have the CE mark and those for voltages < 600V are UL/ / cUL listed or recognized.

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Communicate without limits

Siemens brings the established power and flexibility of SINAMICS G130 to your EtherNet/IP network, with direct connectivity to PROFIBUS, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP™ and standard Ethernet.

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Technical Information

Voltage and power ranges

380 to 480 V, 3-ph AC - 150 to 800 HP (110 to 560 kW)

500 to 600 V, 3-ph AC - 150 to 800 HP (110 to 560 kW)

660 to 690 V, 3-ph AC -  75 to 800 kW

Control Types

Vector Control with and without sensor or V/Hz control


EN 61800-5-1EN 60146-1, EN 61800-2, EN 61800-3, EN 60204-1, EN 60529

CE marking in accordance with EMC directive No. 2004/108/EC and low-voltage directive No. 2006/95/EC

cULus (File No. E192450)

Operating Temperature

0 to +40 °C
up to +50 °C see derating data

Degree of Protection

IP00 or IP20 dependent on type

Typical Applications

SINAMICS G130 drive components are ideal for applications that involve moving, conveying, pumping or compressing solids, liquids or gases. In particular, this includes variable torque applications such as pumps, fans, blowers, and compressors, as well as constant torque applications such as mixers, extruders and mills. The control can be operated in sensorless vector or v/hz modes. Closed-loop vector control can be implemented as well with the addition of the optional encoder interface board. The optional user-friendly AOP30 operator panel with graphical LCD and plain-text display provides easy commissioning and parameterization using interactive menus and alarm and fault logs.

  • Pumps

  • Fans and blowers

  • Compressors

  • Conveyors

  • Extruders and mixers

  • Grinding mills

  • Crushers

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