Siemens Answers with the Robicon W-Series Drive Designed for Municipal Water and Wastewater Applications

robicon w water drive family

For more than two decades W-Series variable frequency drives, built on Robicon field-proven expertise, have reliably served the drive needs of U.S. municipal water and wastewater utilities - representing the largest installed base among all drives currently in service within the industry . And with the integration of SINAMICS technology and features backed by Siemens' total solution and system capabilities, the best has become even better.

Each W-Series drive is custom-configured to meet the particular requirements of each water/wastewater project, based on a broad range of base units, a choice of both clean power and standard front ends, and an extensive selection of standard and custom options.

Standard Features of Robicon W Water Industry Drive Systems

  • NEMA 1 enclosure, with blowers (optional NEMA 12 ventilated with air filters)

  • UL listing per UL508C (UL file E319311)

  • Short circuit current rating (SCCR) 65 kA

  • Circuit breaker disconnect with flange mount operator handle, mechanically interlocked with the enclosure door

  • Door mounted operator panel mounted for easy start-up and operation

Now with Seismic Certification

Siemens Robicon W-Series drives are available with optional seismic certification
- see the Seismic Certification tab below for more information.

Robicon W120CP and W150CP

50 to 600 HP, 18-Pulse Clean Power Enclosed Drives

Robicon W120CP, W150CP

Clean power drives include an 18-pulse rectifier front end combined with a patented phase-shifting autotransformer.

IEEE sets minimum harmonic distortion limits for voltage and current. With the W Series Clean Power unit's multi-pulse, phase-shifting design, the Clean Power models more than meet distortion limits for the 5th, 7th, 11th and 13th harmonics in accordance with Table 10.3 of IEEE 519-1992

Available seismic certification for use in essential facilities

Benefits of Clean Power Drives

  • No line side harmonic disturbances

  • Elimination of external power factor correction devices and their associated costs

  • Avoidance of utility penalties for poor power factor

  • Improved voltage regulation

  • Avoidance of overloading feeders, breakers and transformers with reactive power

  • Compatible with operation on generator supplies and weak power systems.  Unlike harmonic filters, Clean Power 18-pulse drives do not present capacitive loads that cause voltage increases at low loads, a frequent cause of problems on weak or emergency supplies

  • Low loss operation especially at partial loads. Alternative technologies that use front ends with active switching devices (IGBTs) have high switching losses at all loads - unavoidable when regenerative operation is required but not desirable on pump and fan drives whose main purpose is energy savings

Technical Information

Voltage rating

3AC 460 - 480V,  60 Hz

Power ratings

Robicon W120CP: 50 - 200 HP (40 - 150 kW)

Robicon W150CP: 250 - 600 HP (185 - 450 kW)

For full details of ratings and options, refer to

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