SINAMICS S120 CU320-2 Control Unit

SINAMICS S120 CU320-2 control unit

Each SINAMICS S120 CU320-2 control unit manages up to six high-performance servo or vector axes.  For standard applications, up to 12 V/Hz axes can be operated from one CU320-2. The enhanced processor enables increased functionality for positioning, safety integrated functions and drive control charts to be handled by one control unit, thus significantly reducing drive system costs.

This second-generation SINAMICS control unit also provides an Ethernet programming port, more I/O and controller-to-controller communication.

With the goal of delivering more functionality more economically, the SINAMICS S120 CU320-2 also cuts costs for users through simplified performance licensing, fewer hardware requirements and smaller cabinet space requirements.



CU320-2 Wins Coveted Golden Mousetrap Award

Design News awarded the SINAMICS S120 — CU320-2 Multi-Axis Control Unit its Golden Mousetrap Award in the Automation & Control / Drives category.

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The SINAMICS S120 CU320-2 Control Unit Features

  • An available PROFIBUS or PROFINET interface

  • Greater flexibility through enhanced programming options

  • A higher number of digital inputs — expanded by 4 binary I/Os and 1.5mm² terminals

  • A higher I/O count with up to 12 binary inputs

  • An Ethernet port that expands the programming options, offering additional convenience and flexibility

  • Simple access from the front

  • Drive-CLiQ components are automatically upgraded

PROFINET Version of the CU320-2 Control Unit

The new CU320-2 PN contains two integrated PROFINET ports and a standard Ethernet interface for commissioning and diagnostics.  To use the Sinamics Control Unit CU320-2 PN, the new firmware V4.4 is required.

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