Siemens Answers with SINUMERIK 808D: Entry-Level CNC for Milling and Turning Applications


Outstanding Performance.
Simply Smart.

The operator-panel-based SINUMERIK 808D Milling and SINUMERIK 808D Turning CNCs are extremely compact, rugged, and easy to maintain. Powerful CNC functions permit excellent workpiece precision to be achieved in very short machining time. Available in two package confgurations...

... the SINUMERIK 808D is tailored for standard turning and standard milling machines. Thanks to SINUMERIK 808D startGUIDE, all process steps of the machine – from engineering and production via sales to operation – can be managed with a minimum of training efforts.

The SINUMERIK 808D system consists also of corresponding Motion-Connect cables and a machine control panel.

SINUMERIK 808D Milling

SINUMERIK 808D - Milling

Thanks to SINUMERIK MDynamics with its intelligent look ahead function and dynamic block compression, the SINUMERIK 808D Milling is also ideal for the machining of molded workpieces.

Perfectly tailored and preconfigured for:

  • 4 axes / spindles in one machining channel

  • Tailored system software for vertical machining centers

  • Prepared for mold and die applications


    Wide range of technology cycles for milling and drilling with graphical input screens

  • SINUMERIK MDynamics
    Perfectly set up for mold & die applications

SINUMERIK 808D Turning

SINUMERIK 808D - Turning

This intelligent CNC boasts features such as full servo controlled rigid tapping or flying spindle / C axis switchover, enabling the most precise and fastest turning operation.

Perfectly tailored and preconfigured for:

  • Up to 4 axes / spindles in one machining channel

  • Tailored system software for inclined bed full-CNC and flatbed manual controlled semi-CNC lathes


    Wide range of technology cycles for turning and drilling with graphical input screens

  • Manual Machine Plus
    Easy semi-automatic machining with hand w heel controlled flat-bed lathes


Perfectly preconfigured to meet the requirements of basic standard machines, SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED, together with the SINAMICS V70 drive and SIMOTICS S-1FL6 motor, guarantees a high level of system performance. The high-speed bus communication between CNC and drive ensures a close loop for position control, which leads to high accuracy and optimum cutting performance. The international first class CNC technology opens up unparalleled potential for basic turning and milling machines.

Typical Applications

  • With the support of up to 5 axis/spindles, the SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED T system is sufficient for basic turning machines as well as for turning centers without a Y-axis

  • Thanks to the Advanced Surface function and the high dynamic SINAMICS V70 drive system, the SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED M system also covers the machining of mold & die parts. SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED M offers a high price-performance ratio for basic milling machines

Function Benefits

  • Auto Servo Tuning (AST)
    Users can easily optimize machines with SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED that have higher dynamic and accuracy requirements, e.g. in mold & die applications

  • Safe Torque Off (STO) function
    The STO function prevents the unintended movement of machines, e.g. suitable for safety door application on machines

  • High resolution position feedback
    SIMOTICS S-1FL6 motors support 2500 ppr incremental encoder as well as 20-bit absolute encoder to precisely feed back the current position of the motor. This ensures high precision and optimum surface quality of the finished workpiece

SINUMERIK 808D Machine Control Panel


The SINUMERIK 808D MCP machine control panel with mechanical keys is designed to permit user-friendly, well-structured operation of the machine functions. It is suitable for machine level operation of milling and turning machines. Customized keys can be individually labeled using slide-in strips.

Key Features

  • 39 keys - 30 keys with LEDs

  • 2 rotary override switches

  • 7 segment LED display (typically for tool number)

  • 1 slot for emergency stop button (d = 22mm)

  • 3 slots for other control devices (d= 16mm)

  • Easiest connection to PPU using USB interface (plug & play)



Siemens offers a hands-on solution that makes the operation of a CNC machine even easier. SINUMERIK 808D on PC can be used as training software for programming and simulation of workpieces. It can also be used to present the features of SINUMERIK 808D.

Applications and Benefits

  • Training and Learning
    Operation of SINUMERIK Operate BASIC can be trained on a PC without additional hardware for easy and comfortable learning with an identical CNC operator interface

  • Offline CNC Programming
    Higher productivity thanks to programming on PC. Test the part program on your PC with integrated simulation

  • Professional CNC Presentations
    Present the operator interface SINUMERIK Operate BASIC on PC without additional hardware, showing the wide functions of SINUMERIK Operate BASIC including programGUIDE BASIC