Siemens Answers with the SINUMERIK 802D sl Panel-Based Controller


The SINUMERIK 802D sl is an operator panel-based control system that combines the numerical control (NC), the programmable logic controller (PLC) and the human machine interface (HMI) in a single unit. It has the capability of five-axis machining (two of which may be spindles) and is the ideal solution for low- and medium-range milling and turning machines.

The SINUMERIK 802D sl provides the following benefits:

  • Increased efficiency and productivity
    through innovative planning and drive technology

  • Convenient operation and programming
    through proven DIN programming supported by advanced programming aids (cycles, contour definitions) and through ShopMill / ShopTurn-based setup

  • Perfect handling
    through the use of commercially available CF cards (64 MB to > 1 GB) for the storage, transmission and processing of part programs

  • Standard Ethernet and PROFIBUS protocols
    used for machine and communication

  • Maintenance-free
    no batteries or fan

Digital Controller for Hgher Productivity

  • Fast, precise and reliable

  • Controls up to 4 axes and 1 spindle or 3 axes, 1 spindle and 1 auxiliary spindle (rotating tool)

  • Perfect for turning and milling applications, also for small series productions

  • Complete structure in one compact operator panel

  • Execution of large programs by network or CF card maximum speed

  • Suitable for telediagnostics

Technical Specifications

  • 5 digital drives (up to 2 spindles or 1 C-axis)

  • 10,4" TFT flat screen

  • 1 MB memory (Version plus)

  • 3 MB memory (Version pro)

  • Frame technology

  • Rotary axis

  • Look ahead

  • Handwheel function

  • Up to 64 tools (Version plus) / up to 128 tools (Version pro)

  • Ethernet onboard (Version pro)

  • Commercially available CF card as memory medium, accessible via operator panel

  • Compressor functions (Version pro)

video - SINUMERIK 802D sl - CNC Workpiece Chess Figure Horse

This video shows an example of mold and die at a 3-axis-Machine equipped with SINUMERIK 802D sl.

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