Oil and Gas Applications

IDS Oil and Gas Applications

Enjoy peace-of-mind knowing that you’ve implemented leading technology products throughout your operation. Siemens Integrated Drive System custom fits your existing design specifications to avoid over and under engineering, helping increase efficiency and productivity. Realign the internal resources you devote to a project. With Siemens Integrated Drive System you work directly with us to design your complete system to service your oil and gas applications.

  • Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) export terminals  - VFDs and Motors integrated to increase throughput, reliability, and performance in compression and pumping.

  • Refining  - Integrated Drive Systems with MV/HV motors, MV drives, couplings and services address applications such as multiple compressors, pumps, and fans to move gas assets efficiently.

  • Pipeline Terminals - With over 500 units installed around the world, Siemens has long demonstrated the reliability and efficiency of its pipeline compressor applications to the industry.

  • OffShore Platform -  Siemens supports water injection pumps in both on- and offshore situations, so that our customers may increase their overall oil recovery from an existing well or reservoir.

  • Drill Rigs - In order to extract gas or oil from a formation, a well must be drilled with the use of a rig. Siemens provides Integrated Drive Systems for these and other drilling applications such as Top drives, Mid pumps, Draw works and Auxiliary lifts.

Case Studies

  • Learn how Integrated Drive Systems helped a major Oil and Gas producer boost reliability and productivityNorth Alaska case study

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