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i|ware Operator Interface

i|ware software provides a comprehensive operator interface -- including status screens, group displays, control faceplates, and loop detail and tuning screen -- that is automatically created from the controller database. That makes your job easier and significantly reduces costs by completely eliminating your initial HMI development effort. But, you can still add graphics and modify the screens that i|ware makes for you to customize the overall look and feel.

i|ware enhances the interface between client and server applications using a standard mechanism to transfer data from one to the other. The standard, OPC, facilitates plant-wide communication, because it integrates i|ware with any other OPC-compliant software or system. i|ware also includes Ethernet communications that support redundant HMI stations and dramatically reduce networking costs. i|ware also features:

  • Five levels of screens which are automatically created, based on controller configuration, eliminating hours of HMI development time

  • Process point reading and data entry

  • Powerful display creation and animation tools, coupled with an advanced symbol library

  • Built-in expressions and calculations, as well as display, trending, and alarm management functions

  • Scaleable and fixed scale displays that allow information to be displayed in the form and manner required for a particular application

  • Embedding of ActiveX® controls and OLE objects to display information from other systems and devices

  • The ability to log, time-stamp, and store controller alarms and events on a PC hard drive for later review and analysis

i|station is a proven operator interface with i|config, i|ware, and i|ware OPC server software pre-installed.  This sleek unit, which features an analog resistive screen with a guaranteed 30 million-touch lifetime, boasts a wide viewing angle for better operator observation.

Designed for reliable operation in the harshest of industrial environments, i|station is built to NEMA 4/12 and IP 65 specifications.  It also features advanced communication capabilities via four serial ports and an onboard Ethernet controller.  Plus, i|station’s modular design reduces your maintenance and upgrade effort to little more than removal of the front panel.

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