Control Solutions

i|config Configuration Software

The i|config Configuration utility accommodates both function block and ladder logic languages, allowing a single control system to satisfy continuous and discrete requirements.  Your database is automatically generated from your 353 loop controller configuration, and your i|ware HMI is automatically generated from the database.  To simplify troubleshooting and maintenance, i|config lets you test and monitor your control strategy on-line and make changes that can range from a simple tag name edit, to adding a few function blocks.

  • One tool supports both function block and ladder logic configuration languages

  • Existing pre-formatted control strategies speed up configuration

  • On-line monitoring of configuration values reduces debugging time

  • Simplified graphical illustration tools provide better understanding of the control strategy and reduce overall design time

i|config's extensive library of algorithms, packages deep control expertise in function blocks pre-configured for a variety of application-specific needs.  Because the blocks can be used as is or customized, the library can make configuration as simple as dropping blocks on a sheet, or they can provide a base-line for further development.  Cut and paste capabilities make it easier to duplicate all or part of a control strategy.

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