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Combustion Management Solutions - Single Point Positioning

353 Combustion Management Solutions - Single Point Positioning Control

Single point positioning control provides for basic boiler efficiency using the controlled variable to adjust the fuel valve and air damper and provides basic boiler safety with mechanical constraints over the air/fuel combustion mixture.

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Loop Controllers

The Model 353 loop controllers are designed to satisfy the needs of both continuous and discrete control — offering both advanced control and extensive I/O logic capability.  The controllers can be configured from a local faceplate or through our graphical configuration software.

  • Function Block and Ladder logic configuration

  • Built-in and remote I/O capabilities

  • Built-in Communications

  • Auto-tuning

  • Multiple loop control

  • Alpha-numeric display

i|ware Operator Interface

When multiple loop controllers are installed on an application, i|ware software provides a comprehensive operator interface.  Status screens, group displays, control faceplates, loop detail and tuning screens are automatically created from the controller database. That makes your job easier and significantly reduces costs by completely eliminating your initial HMI development effort.

i|config Software

The i|config Configuration utility accommodates both function block and ladder logic languages, allowing a single control system to satisfy continuous and discrete requirements.  Your database is automatically generated from your controller configuration, and your HMI is automatically generated from the database.

i|station Operator Workstation

The i|station industrial operator workstation with pre-installed user interface and configuration software allows you to connect to a process right away.

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