SITRANS CONNECTION - Control your flow with the touch of a button

Introducing the Apple iphone and ipad app for SITRANS F US clamp-on Ultrasonic flow meters

Flow measurement has gone mobile!  With the new SITRANS CONNECTION app and connection kit for Apple iOS devices, Siemens gives you total control of your flow – right at your fingertips.

SITRANS CONNECTION enables direct serial communication between an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and any SITRANS F US clamp-on ultrasonic flow meter to enhance all metering functionalities,including programming, operational review, data logging and download.

Just link the two devices using the connection cable from the kit and you will achieve:

  • Greater mobility. SITRANS CONNECTION makes connectivity possible without the need for a laptop computer, many of
    which no longer offer serial ports. Direct communication doesn’t even require a cellular connection!

  • Simplified programming. The app features full menu visibility and a complete alphanumeric keypad for easier navigation and programming – especially useful for meters with limited displays (e.g. the SITRANS FST020 and all compact versions).

  • Instant service. While on the phone with Siemens technical  support, tap one key and the app will share access to your
    terminal window with a qualified service technician. This shared session enables remote support, troubleshooting
    and training. It’s like having an engineer in your pocket!  (Wi-Fi or cellular service required.)


Watch the video to learn more about SITRANS CONNECTION in action

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