Magnetic Flow Meters

Siemens Sitrans FM MAG 1100F Flow Meter Obtains FDA Pasteurized Milk Ordinance Certification

Magnetic flow meter - PMO Certification for dairy industry

The Siemens Sitrans FM MAG 1100F (magnetic flow meter) has received the Food & Drug Administration’s Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PMO) certification – necessary in the U.S. to sell into the milk and dairy market.  The Sitrans FM MAG 1100F already has 3A sanitary certification, and with the PMO certification will now be able to sell to the dairy industry.

Magnetic flow meters approved by Idaho Department of Water Resources

Idaho Department of Water Resource has listed Siemens as approved flow meter supplier

MAG 8000 and MAG 5100W with MAG 5000 transducers, and SITRANS F US 1010 with High precision transducers, have been approved for the measurement of ground and surface water sources.

How do you know your flow meter is accurate?

Find out how to verify the performance of your magnetic flow meters on-site with the Siemens Verificator

Magnetic flow meter verificator article download

Siemens Introduces SITRANS FM MAG 8000 magnetic flow meter for Irrigation

Product Offers Cost-Efficient Management of Water Consumption

Siemens has introduced the SITRANS FM MAG 8000 for Irrigation, a battery-operated magnetic flow meter designed as a cost-efficient water metering solution to manage water consumption for applications such as water distribution, revenue metering and crop irrigation.

Flow Measurement - Magnetic Flow meters

The SITRANS F M modular pulsed DC magnetic flow meters are well suited for compact or remote installation using the same transmitter and sensor. The ability to combine the various sensors and transmitters provides ideal flexibility for a wide variety of measurement tasks.

Siemens SITRANS FM magnetic flow meters (magmeters) are designed to measure the flow of almost any electrically conductive liquid, as well as sludges, pastes and slurries. A prerequisite is that the medium must have a certain minimum conductivity. The temperature, pressure, viscosity and density have little influence on the result.

Magnetic Flow Meter (Magmeter) Pulsed DC Meters - Sensors

Siemens provides magnetic flow sensors for standard applications as well as products for use under difficult operating conditions

SITRANS FM Magnetic Flow Meter - MAG 1100

MAG 1100 with wafer design sensor is used in all industries where the corrosion-resistant stainless steel housing, highly resistant liner and electrodes fit even the most extreme process media.

SITRANS FM Magnetic Flow Meter - MAG 1100 F

MAG 1100 F sensor is especially designed for the food & beverage and pharmaceutical industries and is available with hygienic and flexible process connections

SITRANS FM Magnetic Flow Meter - MAG 3100

MAG 3100 magnetic flow sensors have a large variety of liners and electrode material. Grounding electrodes come standard.

Siemens has introduced the addition of FM Class 1 Division 1, Groups A, B, C and D, and FM Class 1, Zone 1 AEx d (ia) ia/IIC/T3-T6 approvals for the company’s half-inch to 12-inch line of Sitrans magnetic flow meters.

SITRANS FM Magnetic Flow meter - MAG 3100P

MAG 3100P magnetic flow sensor is designed for the chemical and process industries. The ideal combination of PTFE or PFA liners and Hastelloy electrodes fits almost any flow application.

SITRANS FM Magnetic Flow Meter - MAG 5100W

MAG 5100 W with its patented liners of hard rubber NBR or ebonite and EPDM is a magnetic flow sensor for all water applications - ground water, drinking water, waste water, sewage or sludge.

Magnetic Flow Meter (Magmeter) Pulsed DC Meters - Transmitters (Converters)

Our various magnetic flow transmitters offer reliable operation as well as easy installation and maintenance

SITRANS FM Magnetic Flow Meter - MAG 5000

SITRANS F M MAG 5000 is a microprocessor-based transmitter engineered for high performance, easy installation, commissioning and maintenance. The transmitter is robust, cost-effective and suitable for all-round applications and has a measuring accuracy of ± 0.4% of the flow rate (incl. sensor).

SITRANS FM Magnetic Flow Meter - MAG 6000

SITRANS F M MAG 6000 is a microprocessor-based transmitter engineered for high performance, easy installation and maintenance. The transmitter, suitable for all-round applications, has a measuring accuracy of ± 0.2% of the flow rate and can be fitted with optional plug-in communication modules.

SITRANS FM Magetic Flow Meter - MAG 6000I/6000 I Ex de

SITRANS F M MAG 6000 I and the SITRANS F M MAG 6000 I Ex de transmitters have an measuring accuracy of + 0.2% of the flow rate and are designed to meet the demands of the process industry. Both versions are based on a microprocessor with a built-in alphanumeric display.