Using magnetic flow meters in zero upstream and zero downstream applications

Learn how to install magnetic flow meters in less than optimum conditions

Magnetic flow meter installation webinar

About the webinar

While magnetic flow meters offer multiple advantages in flow measurement including no moving parts, which can reduce maintenance time and costs, and accurate and repeatable flow measurement, there are installation guidelines for process piping that can ensures your flow meters’ maximized performance. As not all processes afford the luxury of optimal piping configurations, we will identify alternative solutions for processes impacted by piping constraints.

It is our intention that when you have completed this webinar, you will have a better understanding of the operation and installation of the Siemens magnetic flow meter and the flexibility these flow meters can afford.

Core objectives for this webinar will be to:

  • Understand and establish the theory of operations for the electromagnetic flow meter

  • Review optimal meter installation and piping configurations

  • Address the ability of the SITRANS F M MAG 5100W and the Siemens SITRANS F M MAG 8000 to operate successfully when optimal piping arrangements are not available

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