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Coriolis mass flow meter for biofuel case study

Outstanding flow meter integration saves time and money in biogas applications

SITRANS FCS 200 sensors with NTEP approval for custody transfer and SIFLOW FC070 Ex CT transmitters are now being installed in biogas-based bus refueling stations.

Coriolis mass flow meter approvals for marine

Siemens is pleased to announce the FC410 Coriolis flow meter has gained Marine approval for installation aboard ships and offshore facilities

The test requirements reflect the stringent conditions aboard ships and off-shore utilities, including high humidity, salt-laden air, and high vibration up to 4.0 g.  The units under test also proved that they do not receive or create interference with the international ship location satellite signals. This is one of the most carefully controlled parts of ship security and is closely examined without compromise.
No special ordering or price adder is required to order the FC410 flow meter for marine applications, and no special preparation needs to be made prior to delivery or installation.

The approval bodies referenced in the USA that have provided certificates are the following:

  • ABS – American Bureau of Shipping (USA)

  • Lloyds Register (Worldwide)

Copies of the certificates are available for download from the Siemens support portal:

SITRANS FC410 - Siemens expands the next generation Coriolis mass flow meter line

The SITRANS FC410 additon to the mass flow meter line is ideal for skid and machine builders due to the compact size.  Currently the lightest and most compact coriolis mass flow meter with a measuring accuracy of 0.1 % of rate.  Mini Flow-Link built-in transmitter funcitionalities to the sensor permit fast data transmission and flexible installation in confined spaces without the need for additional transmitters.

SITRANS FC410 provides simple and cost-effective integration into process control systems.

In 2012, Siemens introduced the SITRANS FC430, next generation of digital mass flow meter featuring a short build-in length suitable for liquid or gas applications within the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.  Siemens now adds the SITRANS FC410 to the Coriolis Mass Flow Meter line - SITRANS FC410 is ideal for skid and machine builders due to the compact size.

Coriolis mass flow meter FC430 download

Coriolis Mass Flow Meter - Free case study

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With performance like this, it's no wonder the FC430 Coriolis flow meter was named an Innovative Product of the Year for 2013 by readers of the Flow Control Network!

Find out more with a free case study:

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