MicroSAM , the newest on-line Process Gas Chromatograph from Siemens, brings a new dimension to the industry - small! Using modern silicon micro-machining techniques achieves miniature size while simultaneously increasing power and versatility.

The analysis module integrated in an explosion-proof housing no bigger than a  small platter contains everything required to separate and detect the measured components.

Every MicroSAM measures a maximum of three sample streams plus one calibration stream. It is possible to install multiple MicroSAM analyzers at different measuring points in a plant, integrated in a complete analyzer network. MicroSAM analyzers together with MAXUM Edition II can be easily connected to a process control system and permit several process streams to be analyzed simultaneously. Such systems are easy to implement and achieve more information.


Detector types

Thermal conductivity (micro TCD)

Number of detectors

TMax. 8 TCD cells


Isothermal  airless oven

Temperature ranges

60 - 165 °C

PTGC and sub-ambient

Not applicable


Gaseous /valveless live- switching and - injection


  • Option of mounting in the field; user friendly and cost-effective installation, minimal infrastructure requirements, faster analysis

  • Compact and modular construction means less space taken up in the analysis block, simple and cost-saving maintenance and repair

  • Precise measurement results - the thermal conductivity detectors monitor the entire separation path from the injection through to all columns or purge outlets

  • Simple remote control with Windows-based software and Ethernet communication

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