Belt Scales Overview

From quarried stone to flour to frac sand, Siemens conveyor belt scales will measure production rates and inventory movement, helping improve efficiency and flow rate control

Our belt scales combine simple, drop-in installation, low maintenance, and repeatable accuracy for productive operation. The patented weigh frames have no moving parts. A periodic calibration check is generally the only maintenance required. Connected to an integrator, along with a speed sensor, the belt scale system will provide information on rate, total, belt load, and belt speed. Various models are available for special applications, including restricted spaces, critical applications and extra heavy duty loading.

Grain loading - Are you paying to ship air with your grain?

Belt Scales for grain loading - Are you paying to ship air with your grain?

Discover how your grain loading process can be significantly improved by operating a belt conveyor with a belt scale.

Belt scales for grain loading - Download free article

Technical Service Agreements for Weighing Systems

Technical servce agreements for weighing systems

Siemens Technical Service Agreement (TSA) for weighing systems can help boost your business's operating efficiency, reduce down time and widen your competitive edge.

A TSA lets you budget the exact service you need in a proactive maintenance program that helps you avoid unscheduled downtime and expensive emergencies.

Milltronics MSI Belt Scale

Mining Magazine Online Article - Apatit weighs up Siemens Scales

Apatit Mining, part of PhosAgro, recently began a search for a new conveyor belt-scale supplier

Siemens MSI beltscale, MMI beltcale and WS300 speed sensor offer a belt-scale system for imporved performance and higher quality finished product.

Belt Scale Calibration Case Study

The right tool for the job: the evolution of belt scale calibration

GDF Suez coal-fired power plant uses belt scales for unloading coal. Belt scale accuracy and reliability are essential which requires proper calibration. Siemens offers several means to calibrate belt scales.

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