Logic Matrix

The new Logic Matrix engineering tool simplifies the engineering and operational visibility of trip and interlocking logic in the production plant based on the cause-effect principle. Logic Matrix scales to support small to large configurations and bulk data can be handled with automated interconnection rules. Logic Matrix can also be efficiently edited within Microsoft Excel. Click here to download our Logic Matrix Brochure.

Watch the videos below to learn more about Logic Matrix.

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Introduction to Logic Matrix

Logic Matrix solves a number of problems in the process automation industry:

  • Provides a comprehensive tool spanning multiple phases of the automation process lifecycle

  • Reduces development effort

  • Reduces operator response time and workload

Configuring a Simple 1oo1 Cause

How to develop your program using Logic Matrix:

  • Simple to use engineering interface

  • Supports Analog and Discrete tag/logic types

  • Rich feature set of Cause and Effect options

  • Automatic generation of controller program

  • Automatic generation of HMI graphics

  • 5 Easy Steps: Configure Causes, Configure Effects, Configure Intersections, Save/Generate Program, Compile HMI

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